Career Coaching

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Are you in a career rut? Do you want to take a sabbatical to reset? Is there a career change that you are wanting to take? I can help you navigate the waters of uncertainty that career change can provide with a practical and soulful approach.

Do you find yourself not getting the results you desire at work and need a boost in your sales process?

Do you wish you had more confidence to negotiate, present or overcome a block that keeps you from moving up in your career?

Do you need a way to better handle stress at work?

I provide the following services to help you in any stage of your career:

  • Resume Review 
  • Cover Letter Review 
  • Job Hunt Strategy
  • Networking Plan
  • LinkedIn Profile Review & Revision
  • Sales Process Optimization
  • Confidence Building & Overcoming Blocks
  • Goal Setting and Accountability
  • Mindfulness at Work

Navigate your career change or improve your business performance with coaching package.

Packages start at $1299 and include:

  • 3 months of support
  • 12 – 30 minute coaching calls
  • unlimited email support
  • personalized action plan

*email to schedule a coaching consult to discuss how to tailor a coaching plan that is best for you.

“Emily is fantastic!  As well as being very motivating, she is so professional, friendly and easy to work with.  I have been struggling to gain traction in my job search for months and she helped me revamp my resume and cover letter, helped guide me in a more targeted job search and boost my networking skills.  Within a week of working with her my visibility on LinkedIn has increased and I already have had several emails and calls back with my new networking strategy.  I highly recommend her to anyone.” – Meaghen D. / Erie, PA

“I was looking to switch careers and feeling frustrated because I felt that I was stuck in my current career path. Emily helped me realize how to translate my skills and accomplishments into a new career field and get me started down the path of identify opportunities. She set up a detailed plan of action for me to follow and set a deadline. She was amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to switch things up!”   -Austin S. / New York, NY

“She was awesome.  Emily completely changed my perspective of what I was thinking of doing in my next profession. Now I feel empowered to try for something even more appropriate to my skill set and passion. Also I feel much more confident applying to jobs now with the resume she helped me put together.” -Whitney C. / Washington D.C.

“Working with Emily has been the best decision I have made so far in this job hunt.  Not only did she update my resume, she helped provide tips on how to approach the interview process.  She provided ideas on networking and helped me work past the anxiety of searching for a new career.  If you are looking for someone to help you begin a new career, Emily is a more than qualified person to get the job done.”  -Monique M. / San Francisco, CA

To book career coaching, email