Let’s Work Together

Are you ready to make a change?

One of the keys to successfully making a change is creating a plan AND having accountability. As your coach, I will create a manageable plan with you to help make your goals and dreams come true.

When I started this journey, I hired a coach to help me create the business. I knew that it was going to be difficult and would need a push every now and then as well as be held accountable for the actions I committed to taking. IT WORKED!

Even on the days when I really didn’t want to do the work, just knowing that I had a coaching call the following week gave me a little nudge to help me push through the discomfort. This makes me excited to help others pursue their unique path to change.

It is lovely to witness transformation. People are AMAZING and when they decide to go for it, shiny sparks of will create fireworks of movement and results. I like to say its like the caterpillar is nudging its way fervently through the cocoon the be the beautiful butterfly it longs and is meant to be.

Coaching results are beautiful and transformative and I am excited and honored to be a part of them.

Life coaching focuses on getting you where you are now to where you want to be in all areas of your life.

Spiritual coaching dives deeper into spiritual connection and helps tackle the questions about spirituality, mindfulness and purpose.

Career coaching will focus on your professional role, transition into a new career or starting your own business. Together, we will create an effective plan to achieve the results you desire.

Monthly Coaching Package

  • Up to 4 Coaching Sessions (30 – 60 mins)
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Personalized Action Plan

3 Month Coaching Package

  • Up to 12 Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Action Plan and Weekly Accountability

Schedule a free 15 min phone consult to discuss the best coaching plan for you or to book a coaching package by emailing me at emily@soulsadventures.com