Kind Words

“My sessions with Emily were great and really helpful! She is a kind and insightful coach who used straightforward questions to help us both understand where I am in my job search.  She quickly uncovered beliefs hindering my career, distilled my strengths and encouraged em to explore the things I enjoy doing the most. By the end of the call I had a renewed hope: while there was quite a bit of work to do I had concrete action steps to pursue that will definitely help me move closer to reaching my goals. I highly recommend her! Thanks Emily!

– Kelsey S. / New York, NY

“I’d highly recommend Emily to anyone going through a personal transformation or making a business transition.More than anything, she has given me hope and made me realize my gifts and talents were bountiful – which ultimately helps me sell myself better is this competitive marketplace. Her knowledge in the corporate world coupled with her spiritual way of being is the perfect combination on moving on in life – and at any age.”

 – Cheryl S. / Atlanta, GA

“Emily has pushed me during our business coaching calls to be a better person and to improve my business. She knows the questions to ask to make me set higher career goals and actually achieve them. While working with Emily I have moved up to the top 5% of Loan Officers in the company. Her positivity is infectious!”

– Michelle W. / St. Louis, MO

“Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect or what I really wanted out of the call before going into it. In retrospect, I can see that I needed clarity. And Emily gave me that. She listened to everything I had to say, and offered great suggestions for next steps and also a longer term plan. Not only that, but she was easy to talk to and very personable from the get-go. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking to gain some clarity in their own unique situation.”

– Eliot G./ NYC

“I got so much more out of the session than I ever would have imagined! Emily and I connected well right away and I felt comfortable being totally open and honest about my fears and hesitations. A very powerful and impactful session and I can not recommend Emily enough!”

– Lynne D. / San Francisco, CA

“Emily has enhanced my life since she has started coaching me. She is patient, understanding, uplifting and truly a joy to work with. I am grateful for her help in creating a more beautiful and balanced life!”

– Suzanne H. / Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve participated in Emily’s intuitive painting workshops a handful of times. The result is always a different outcome and message. I am not an artist. But coloring and painting brings me back to my childhood roots and can be very therapeutic and relaxing. I learn something about myself each time.”

– Karoline F. / Chula Vista, CA

“Thanks again Emily, I don’t know if the plan or the self confidence is more important, but I got both thanks to you! WIsh you all the best and clients like me who make you proud by changing their lives thanks to you.”

– Katerina M. / Paris, France

“Well worth the cost and minimal effort to connect. You are certainly in the right line of work. Can’t thank you enough.”

– Nancy B. / Boston, MA

“Emily refocused my job hunt by helping me organize new resources and strategies. She also encouraged me to take productive steps towards finding a job that I am truly interested in when I was ready to give up and begin simply trying to find any job that will have me.”

– Johanna S./ NYC