Full Cold Moon

As winter approaches, the ground becomes cooler and growth is halted. The full moon lights up the sky revealing what has grown and what failed to thrive. Not all seeds that are planted grow to maturity. Some things don’t need to grow and when that realization is made, it is time to just let it be.

This full cold moon is illuminating what needs to be let go of. Winter is only a season and this ground will bloom once more. I have been noticing the things in my life that failed to thrive. Things and ideas expire and it is okay to move on.

I started this year with the intention to learn to accept and receive. It has been a struggle for me throughout my entire adult life. I pride myself in my independance and receiving help is painful for me. However, I know that when I set an intention to learn something, the universe never fails to provide the lessons.

This year has been full of needing to ask for help, turning over control, receiving and realizing that my life is about to be shared with someone that I have been waiting for and has arrived. Business has taken several twists and turns that I resisted against at first. My resistance has caused anxiety and pain when all I had to do is let it be, open my arms and receive.

The beautiful thing is that when I lay down my armour of self-sufficiency, love and acceptance pours in. What is very scary, has become this deep transformational lesson where I can feel my cells changing. It’s amazing to release and feel years of tension fade away.

What has been highlighted are the following:

  • I am exactly where I need to be.
  • Everything I have ever needed has been provided.
  • Love lives everywhere and has the power to melt the hardest surfaces.
  • Letting go releases so much tension and is a constant practice.
  • Meditation and prayer are key to having a beautiful outlook on each day.
  • Nothing can be held onto too tightly because it doesn’t leave room to receive what’s on its way.

My hope is that whatever this moon is highlighting for you, that you are able to accept the message, let go of what is no longer thriving and find comfort in knowing that something new is on its way and it will be exactly what you need.

I let go of what is not working and open my hands to release my grasp. I accept the lesson that is being revealed and pray for strength to get through this time. I will ask for help and release control. I am open to learning and receiving the good that is on its way. I am grateful for this lesson and open my heart and mind to whatever comes next.

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