Love Letter To Barcelona

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To the lovely and vibrant Barcelona,

Your streets are the veins where life flows through you. You are vibrant, colorful and always alive. Your serenade is boisterous laughter, perfectly played guitars and the stomps of flamenco dancers. You wear the uniform of the bohemian–free flowing, one where colors are mixed not matched. Hair is uncombed yet beautifully tousled, thick with waves and colors from years in the sun. Your skin is bronzed with a slight hint of freckles, each telling of a sun drenched adventure. You feel passionately; fighting like a feral cat yet your love runs so deep it balances you out. Your scent is smokey and sweet–a blend of tobacco and fruit blossoms with a hint of petrol.

You are my lesson in anything goes and letting go. I was shown that nothing needs to happen in patterns. Life is messy, loud, chaotic and most of all beautiful. I learned to get lost and wander; opening my heart to peel back yet another layer. I held my breath in your presence…tense yet excited at the same time. You challenged my bravery and showed me another facet of my strength.

May peace and comfort wash over the city in the midst of fear. My thoughts and prayers are with you tonight.

Full Sturgeon Moon

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Tonight’s full moon was named for the time of year when sturgeon could be abundantly found in the Great Lakes. This is also a time of celebration and insight as things are preparing to ripen for harvest. Abundance is all around and the sun still hangs in the sky allowing for longer days. The sturgeon moon is about looking deeper and noticing the goodness all around.

If one looked at a lake early in the morning, it would seem tranquil with the sun just coming up. Boats have not made their way out. All is still. The lake mirrors the sky above, yet there is plenty of life thriving just below the surface.

What is alive below the surface for you?

This full moon illuminates things the things that we have either ignored or that are trying to make their way through into consciousness. All of the longings you have been feeling are signals to what is trying to grab your attention. Ask yourself: What are the messages that are trying to be delivered?

It is easy to bury our desires and needs in the midst of schedules and to-do lists. But, right now it is important to pay attention to what begs to be seen and heard. These things are asking you to be true to yourself.

Heed to the relentless call of your soul.

As harvest arrives, it reminds us that this is a time of great abundance. All the work that was put into change and growth is showing proof. Think back to January and notice what you wanted and needed at that time. See where you put attention and work. The fruits of that labor are about to be harvested.

What is abundant and ready to be received or given in your life?

In order for abundance to take place, we have to be open and willing to give and receive. Open your heart, minds and arms to whatever needs to take place. Let go of hoarding and replace it with generosity. Let go of the longing and replace it with gratitude.

Often times, we sell ourselves short because we don’t believe we are deserving. There can be an underlying guilt when goodness appears. Whether it is a promotion, kindness or a loving relationship we must be open in order to receive the grace and abundance the universe has to offer.

We live in an immensely abundant universe. If you have something to give, give it. If someone is trying to give to you, receive it. Don’t block the flow of energetic love. Pay it forward. Say thank you when it is your turn. Notice where you can spread your abundance whether monetary or emotional.

Gratitude and generosity are cornerstones to an abundant life.

Allow yourself and others to rise up and shine. We are both the fisherman and the fish with something to take and give. Reciprocity keeps abundance flowing.

So tonight, look past the surface and see what is deeper; waiting to be received and notice any places where you can be generous. The moon is highlighting these opportunities. Spend some time in a quiet place and be open to what lies beneath.