How the Ocean Reminds Me of Abundance

whaleThe other day, I came home to a notice of my rent being raised. Although this isn’t the best news to receive, I was surprised by my reaction. My immediate thought was that everything is as it should be and everything will be okay. I realized that if I would have received this notice a year ago, I would have reacted negatively and most likely become upset.

Shortly after I receiving the notice,  I laced up my runners and headed to the beach for a much needed run. I was thinking about the notice and processing the fact when all of a sudden, two whale’s tails rose out of the water very close to shore. I stopped, stunned at what I had just witnessed.

I watched the water and their heads bobbed up and then their fins followed by spouts of water bursting every so often. I stood there for a long time watching these magnificent creatures choreographed to the sound of the waves. I was completely entranced.

The longer I stood there, I realized that there were actually four whales close to shore. The only word that came to mind was “Abundance.” I often scan the water in search for whales, seals and dolphins when I am on the beach. I usually see one every once in a while out in the distance. But this time I was being shown just how abundant the universe really is. I considered this a good omen, one of abundance and provision.

Everything is going to be okay. In fact, when I look back on every time I received news like a rent hike, the universe has provided in ways I could not even imagine and I am filled with gratitude.

I am continually reminded of the lesson of going from a mindset of scarcity to sufficiency and finally abundance. Our minds create our reality. If we allow thoughts of scarcity to overtake us, that becomes our reality. Fixing our minds towards abundance and going a step further and actually practicing gratitude for abundance all around attracts abundance into our lives. Simply put, this is the law of attraction.

I am continually amazed how just changing my mindset from scarcity and anxiety to abundance and gratitude changes everything. Letting go and noticing the positive is key. When I just open my eyes to stop and observe, I realize just how abundant life really is.

Is there an area in your life where scarcity takes over your mindset? How can you transform your mindset to abundance? Where do you see abundance in your life?

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Running Past Self Doubt


“This is the last part, you can do. Give it all you’ve got!” My friend said as we ran towards the finish line. We were sprinting to the end; my heart racing, legs trembling, feet burning. “I can’t do this” I panted when I realized the final part of the race was on an incline. “Yes, you can! C’mon!” She encouraged once more. As I crossed the finish line I felt my body release the tension I had felt for the last few minutes of the race and then relax.

I had trained 12 weeks to run the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in Washington DC. Signing up for the race was kind of a joke to me since I was informed it was based on a lottery and hard to get picked to participate. The joke turned into reality when 2 weeks later we were picked and I realized that I needed to learn how to run 10 miles. I had run previously but mainly short runs. The farthest I had gone was 5 miles on a treadmill with 3 walking breaks and that was a painful and sweaty ordeal. However, I was determined to run the full 10 and began training immediately.

During my training, I found myself with shin splints, foot pain and sore muscles. I rarely pushed myself that far physically and I could feel every milestone. I did not let the discomfort keep me from reaching my goal. I tracked my progress and could see results in speed and on my body. Running changed my body’s composition and I started to crave my runs. I felt myself becoming stronger physically and mentally.

One of the most important changes was I started to surround myself with other runners. My running friends were encouraging and helpful with advice and tips on training and gear. Mentally, I began seeing workouts, food and drink in a different light. I wanted to be successful in attaining my goal, but not obsessive. I worked on balance and meditated on the result.

The morning of the race, I woke up early and visualized myself crossing the finish line. As I walked to the race, I felt excited and happy that the day had finally arrived to prove to myself that I could run a race. The course was beautiful, the sun was shining and the air was crisp. We ran around the monuments, over the Potomac River with a cherry blossom canopy. At times, it felt like I was running through a story book.

I smiled and sang along to my playlist for most of the race. My friends who are faster runners sweetly ran along side me. It wasn’t until there was half a mile left when I felt my body and mind giving up. My friend’s encouragement and coaching really helped. I repeated the mantra “I am strong, I’ve got this” over and over in between her cheering. And shortly after the breakdown, I finished.

I think about muscles and how they have to tear and break down in order to grow. In the last few minutes of  the race, I broke down but that was because I was growing. Doing hard things helps us grow. I wanted to quit, but persisted. I felt ready to sign up for another race just minutes after thinking I couldn’t finish; that’s what pushing the limits can do.

This lesson is true in many areas of life. When faced with a hardship, whether physical, mental or spiritual, we are provided an opportunity to grow and overcome. Being surrounded by loving, encouraging people helps. What we think and how we talk to ourselves during the growth is the most important. Believing that you can achieve the goal is powerful, especially when giving up and doubt enters our minds.

What are you facing that seems impossible? How can you change the messages you are telling yourself about it? Transform your doubt into doing. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Overcome self doubt with accomplishment. You’d be surprised what can happen. Our minds and bodies are stronger than we think.


April’s Pink Full Moon: Intentions and Letting Go

mooon3April’s full moon is known as the Pink Moon, named after the first flowers of Spring. This is the perfect time to conduct Spring cleaning, weeding gardens and setting intentions for the month to come. Just as the Spring brings new blossoms to plants and trees, new things are taking root and blossoming in our hearts and souls. After letting go of the dead of winter, transitions and changes are budding and blooming. Spring cleaning can be done both physically and spiritually.

Here are 5 steps on setting intentions and letting go.

Meditate: Sit quietly and meditate on the coming month. Notice what has been transpiring and sit with your breath asking “What do I want?” and “What do I need to release?” Allow the stillness and silence to bring answers to you.

Set Intentions: Make a list of your intentions for the month. Focus on what you want to spend the next 30 days creating, changing, manifesting and focusing on.

Visualize: With each intention, visualize what the outcome looks like.

Release and Let Go: What are the things you need to release and let go of? What no longer serves you? Intend to let these things go, see them disappear into the sky until you can no longer visualize them. If it is something physical, throw it away or donate it.

Offer Gratitude: To seal the ritual, offer gratitude. This is important especially when setting intentions. The universe is constantly listening to our deepest desires and when we take a step towards actualizing them, we need offer thanks.

With each full moon, set aside time to set intentions and let go of what no longer serves you. This particular full moon also coincides with a Lunar eclipse just 2 weeks after a Solar eclipse. An eclipse during a full moon is a time to contemplate endings. Are there things in your life that need to end or have recently ended and you can’t seem to let go of? Now is the time to let them pass. In order for new growth to occur, what no longer is meant to grow must be let go of.

What is blossoming in your soul? Do you need to make room for further growth? Take the time to honestly answer these questions. Live authentically and allow the pain of transition to transform you into a beautiful blossom.

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How to Find Answers Through Stillness


I was traveling all over and found myself feeling lost, sad and like my entire travel dream had died. So, I went home. Being home was difficult at first. My plans were diminished and I had to sit still and ask questions regarding direction and purpose. Meditation became a lifeline for me. At first, I squirmed and found a million things to think about as I made mental lists. Distractions seemed constant and I thought I would never learn to be still. However, the more I sat still, the calmer I became. This calm brought answers. They weren’t the answers I was expecting or particularly wanted, but I was open and began pursuing a modified version of my dreams.

I love to write and dreamed of writing anything since I was a child. I found myself surrounded by books and journals compiling and studying. I started to writing about my travels from my home while studying for my new life path which gave me ample time for stillness. My intuition finally found its voice as I allowed it to speak over my busy mind that was learning to quiet itself. I learned meditation is a practice and each day required practice, breathing and intention.

One of the greatest lessons for me was from Pico Iyer speaking about stillness “The best way I could develop more attentive, more appreciative eyes was oddly by going no where, just sitting still.” I was absolutely experiencing this and realized that my travels were no longer seen through the eyes of wonder and I needed to reset that passion within me. So, I wrote and wrote and wrote and continued to meditate, searching for answers and lessons. With this practice, gratitude emerged. I was able to revisit my adventures from a place of stillness, with new eyes and a grateful heart. And through this process, I learned even more lessons from my times away.

Wanderlust is a part of me. Stillness is now also a part of me. My next endeavor is to fine tune these two parts into a balanced whole. Learning to listen to the still small voice within and trusting the universe’s guidance will continue to fascinate me. Meditation is an act of letting go. I have been working on this for some time. With each lesson of surrender, I find myself opening up even more in a new expansiveness. Possibilities are endless and going with the flow, although still difficult at times, has proven to be the best route for me.

When you find yourself looking for answers, try sitting still. Let your breath be your guide. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and out through your nose. Continue breathing until you feel yourself becoming calm, allowing stillness to take place. Ask your question, wait for the answer, breathing in and out. This is a practice and gets easier with time. At first, the most important thing will be to learn how to become still. This lesson alone is extremely beneficial.

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